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Spray Lubricant
Cleans, protects and lubricates! The Green Oil EcoSpray Lube is based on over 20 basic plant substances. Unlike similar products, it is free of PFTFE (Teflon), palm oil and petrochemical ingredients and thus 100% biodegradable. EcoSpray Lube displaces water, lubricates, protects and prevents rust. The excellent creeping properties reliably eliminate squeaking and, thanks to the spray attachment, even hard-to-reach areas on brake levers or rear derailleurs can be lubricated. The environmentally friendly alternative to the well-known multi-function sprays.
  • Made in the UK
  • Contains no petrochemicals / biodegradable
  • Displaces water, lubricates and prevents rust
  • With spray nozzle extension for difficult to reach places
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